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Protocol Stack ListĀ¶

The PVX sniffer decodes the different protocol levels, as described in the Glossary (Protocol Stack).

You can use them to filter the captured flows or to define applications.

Here is the comprehensive list with common use cases:

Protostack Description Common Use Case
ARP Address Resolution Protocol Ethernet/ARP
BGP Border Gateway Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/BGP
Bittorrent BitTorrent protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/Bittorrent
COTP Connection Oriented Transport Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/TPKT/COTP
Citrix Citrix protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/Citrix-CGP/Citrix-protocol-driver/Citrix
Citrix-CGP Citrix Common Gateway Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/Citrix-CGP/...
Citrix-protocol-driver Citrix Protocol Driver Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/Citrix-CGP/Citrix-protocol-driver/...
DCE_RPC Distributed Computing Environment/Remote Procedure Call Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/Netbios/SMB/DCE_RPC
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/DHCP
DNS Domain Name System Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/DNS
DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/DRDA
ERSPAN Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer Ethernet/IPv4/GRE/ERSPAN/...
Ethernet Ethernet protocol Ethernet/...
FCoE Fibre Channel over Ethernet Ethernet/FCoE
FTP File Transfer Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/FTP
GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation Ethernet/IPv4/GRE/...
GTP GPRS Tunnelling Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/GTP/...
Gnutella Gnutella protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/Gnutella
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/HTTP
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/ICMP
ICMPv6 Internet Control Message Protocol version 6 Ethernet/IPv6/ICMPv6
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/IMAP
IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4 Ethernet/IPv4/...
IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6 Ethernet/IPv6/...
IRC Internet Relay Chat Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/IRC
MGCP Media Gateway Control Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/MGCP
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching Ethernet/MPLS/...
MySQL MySQL protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/MySQL
NTP Network Time Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/NTP
Netbios Network Basic Input/Output System Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/Netbios/...
ONC_RPC Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/ONC_RPC
PCanywhere pcAnywhere protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/PCanywhere
POP Post Office Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/POP
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/PostgreSQL
RTCP RTP Control Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/RTCP
RTP Real-time Transport Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/RTP
SDP Session Description Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/SIP/SDP
SIP Session Initiation Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/SIP
SKINNY Skinny Client Control Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/SKINNY
SMB Server Message Block Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/Netbios/SMB
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/SMTP
SSLv2 Secure Sockets Layer version 2 Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/SSLv2
TCP Transmission Control Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/...
TDS Tabular Data Stream Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/TDS/...
TDS(msg) Tabular Data Stream message Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/TDS/TDS(msg)
TLS Transport Layer Security Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/TLS/...
TNS Transparent Network Substrate Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/TNS
TPKT ISO Transport Service Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/TPKT/...
Telnet Telnet protocol Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/Telnet
UDP User Datagram Protocol Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/...
VNC Virtual Network Computing Ethernet/IPv4/TCP/VNC
VXLAN Virtual Extensible LAN Ethernet/IPv4/UDP/VXLAN/...