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Known issuesΒΆ


  • When sorting on a metric where all values are identical, we are not able to guarantee a stable order, thus the pager may not work as expected.

Configuration & System

  • SMTP delivery of reports lack retries.
  • Configuration dump/restore don’t work across version boundaries.
  • When the datastore took too much delay its data integration, the SNMP may return zero values.


  • In case of IP fragmentation, the timestamps of involved packets are set to the one last received.
  • If you forward netflow to the sniffer without set the 1min expiration, then the data integration could fail or be delayed.


  • When resizing the data disk, the console displays several occurrences of this error message: parted: sending ioctl XXXX to a partition!. This can safely be ignored.


The Remote Desktop Protocol is known to deliver some questionable metrics, notably the measured TCP Server Response Time (SRT) & Data Transfer Time (DTT) which depict the application’s behaviour.

We came upon some RDP clients that produce small packets regularly spaced in time, even when there is no user activity (be it mouse / keyboard interactions or screen refresh). In such cases, the impact on the quality of these metrics is significant.

Most of the time, the protocol is used over an SSL connection, which would therefore require that you import the private keys in use for the traffic to be deciphered. However, exporting these keys is prohibited on Microsoft Windows unless you resort to some unofficial methods.

These peculiarities may hinder our capability to produce reliable metrics for this protocol.